Changes to Pre-Orders & Combined Shipping

Ohayou! will be changing how combined shipping works, as well as how new pin designs are sold.

Until now, pins have been available to pre-order either within a limited time frame or available for sale until the pins arrived with us. Now, pins will be scheduled for sale soon after they arrive. I don't plan to do pin pre-orders (ignoring Kickstarter projects). Pins will be announced before they are planned to go on sale.

Combined shipping will be removed from the website, and will become a Pin Dream member exclusive perk. My reasons for this are:

  • Multiple combined shipping orders are hard to keep track of, and cause a build up of stock and packages that I am unable to send out until all items have arrived for that particular order. I work from my bedroom so I unfortunately don't have the space to keep hold of all of these combined orders.
  • Orders end up getting heavier than originally planned, and I have to pay the extra out of pocket to send them. Sometimes I will send off a package that was meant to have more items in, and will lose out on postage costs for my mistake. 
  • Some customers who use this promo code do not have previously unshipped orders to combine with, so I have to manually chase up postage costs.


I'm sorry to those that this affects, and I hope you understand my reasoning. Ohayou! will be happy to offer combined shipping once again, when we have more space and a reliable form of combining orders together to prevent human error from occurring. 

Thank you so much for your support! <3





Chrissy Noquet