aspiring pin artist?

I have been creating my own enamel pins for over a year now, and would like to share my knowledge with any artists looking to do the same! While I won’t be giving out my own manufacturer, I will show you the process and what to look for when creating your own pins and artwork.



All enamel pins are manufactured in China. Regardless of where the company is based, the pins will be manufactured in China, shipped to the company, and then shipped to you. This is why it’s best to deal with a Chinese factory directly for better communication and price.

Manufacturers are found on websites like Alibaba but they are now also using Instagram, Facebook and directly contacting artists by email. Once you start posting potential pin designs on social media, you’ll start to find a few manufacturers asking for your business in your inbox.

thumbnail_bearded dragon.jpg


Above is an example of how I send my artwork to my manufacturer. It is a simple jpeg - no vectoring or AI file is necessary as the manufacturer should do the rest. Some people prefer to vector their own artwork for a more accurate design, but I think this is easier and just as good.

Which factory do i choose?

Most artists trial many different factories before deciding on their current manufacturer. A group named PMR: Pin Manufacturer Reviews on Facebook is a great community that reviews individual factories and is certainly worth a look.

However many good reviews a manufacturer has, issues will occur and you must bear in mind the potential risks of using a factory. Always pay with PayPal (never friends & family), a credit card with buyer protection or Alibaba Trade Assurance.