Cloudy Nights (White)

Cloudy Nights (White)

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50mm pins featuring two familiar dragons. The white dragon will be silver plated, with glittering grey clouds and a pale blue moon, while the black dragon will be gold plated, with white glittering clouds and a pale yellow moon.

Pin Grades

Standard - May have minor scratches or marks but will not be visible unless thoroughly looking for them. This is best if you are a collector.

Slightly Imperfect - May have minor scratches, marks or dips in enamel that are more visible in most lighting, but aren’t usually picked up on. Great if you prefer a good quality pin for a cheaper price.

Seconds - I call these “loved” pins that are in need of adoption. They will have marks or scratches, usually near the face of the character. They can also have uneven enamel, chips in the plating or a incorrect colour fill (very minor).

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